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The Stour Federation

Multi Academy Trust

Learn, grow, succeed together


Values inform expectations.  Expectations influence behaviour.  Behaviour creates culture.

Our values underpin system leadership and the capacity to collaborate with others leads to a long-lasting driver for improvement - partnership only works when both sides are adding capacity and receiving support as the foundation of the relationship.



Our values are what we truly believe.  They are intrinsically true.  They NOT aspirations but the minimum behavioural standard.

This document is shared with all staff so they can hold leaders to account if they are not living our Trust RESPECT values.


Aligned with our strategic goal on organisation health through the work of Patrick Lencioni, all senior leaders in the Trust complete their Working Genius assessment.  This provides detailed insights about each leader's areas of Working Genius, Working Competency and Working Frustration along with creating a Team Map to leverage this information in school, across the Trust and in life.



We also use WIDGET to determine at which stage each school/trust improvement priority is at.


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