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The Stour Federation

Multi Academy Trust

Learn, grow, succeed together


The world is changing fast.  The 21st Century demands a skillset that is different to the past - transferable skills to solve complex issues to make a difference in the world.  To prepare our children for the future they need to be able to do more than memorise facts and figures.  They needs a skillset to create, connect and use information in a variety of creative ways. 


At every school in The Stour Federation, we focus on helping children develop six global competencies, known as our 6Cs.


We have identified that the most educationally successful and high performing countries and regions focus as much on engagement and agency with their curriculum - self-efficacy - as they do on the curriculum being knowledge-rich.  For the purpose of education is not only to impart knowledge, but also to prepare children for the complexities of the world.  Our 6Cs are based on Michael Fullan's work and are part of our curriculum, school improvement model and Christian distinctiveness.


Character is one of the more apparent skills that children will need throughout their whole life. This skill describes how children interact with others in the world and produces important traits like perseverance, resilience, humility and kindness.


Citizenship is the skill that allows children to connect with people with diverse world views and perspectives diplomatically. People who master this skill are engaged members of society who contribute to improving our world for the benefit of all.


Collaboration is a skill that allows children to work well with others. A successful collaborator knows how to offer their unique talents and abilities while accepting, valuing and building upon the strengths that others bring to the table.


Communication is an essential skill that will help children interact with others, express their thoughts, feelings and ideas. This skill also allows children to understand others and involves using a variety of tools and mediums to connect with the right audience.


Creativity is a valuable skill is placed in each of us. It allows children to take an idea and turn it into a reality. This skill is developed when children are encouraged to “think outside the box,” be resourceful, and take risks to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems.


Critical thinking is the ability to thoughtfully evaluate information and arguments by seeing patterns and making connections. This skill is becoming more and more important as information becomes easier to access and will help children apply information and knowledge in the real world.

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